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Greetings from the Chairman

Kang Young-jong Chairman, KISTEC

Hello everyone! This is Park Young-soo, the chairman of KISTEC. We highly appreciate your visit to our website.

KISTEC, in its capacity as a quasi-government entity founded in 1995 under the Special Act on the Safety Control of Public Structures following the tragic collapse of Seongsudaegyo Bridge, has the basic mission of securing secure public safety by preventing safety accidents and promoting steady national economic development.

As the provider of a total safety technology service, KISTEC performs safety diagnoses of key public facilities using the technological competence and advanced equipment it has accumulated to date; conducts research and development on diagnosis technologies and diffuses the results thereof; carries out the integrated maintenance of special bridges; and establishes facility information systems.

As the period of infrastructure construction, a major engine of economic growth, has now passed, it has become increasingly important to efficiently maintain the performance and safety of existing facilities. The national wealth will grow all the more if the country’s bridges, tunnels, harbors, irrigation facilities, and buildings can be safely used for the longest possible period.

Accordingly, it has become more important for us to perform preventive management by focusing on performance-centered maintenance under a unified system for maintaining the nation’s key facilities.

KISTEC also does its utmost to research, develop and supply the relevant technologies while preemptively responding to such changes with regard to the facilities The members of KISTEC will do their best to become a ‘safety partner of the people’ who contribute to public happiness and national development while further exploring new missions by tirelessly carrying out the necessary internal reforms.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage. Thank you.

〈Park Young-soo〉
Chairman, KISTEC